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Someone touched it.....


Star Crossed
Star Crossed

Star Crossed is a just completed work. While painting the sky, I backed away from the painting to look at it. Then I saw them.....the faces.
The faces are all optical illusionary with many faces inside of one. If you find an eye and look to left, there will be one face. If you look at the same eye to the right there is another. The eyes come from my attempt to paint galaxies and auras in the sky. Most of them are even painted over, as I was experimenting. The faces are painted by me but not by my intention. I was only painting the sky.

What is the value of something like this? Why does it matter? I think that it is important for us all to realize that no matter what our intentions are in this life sometimes there is a different plan in the works. So much of our time is spent on the part of us that is flesh and blood. We pamper it, try our best to make it look like it did when it was brand new. If it is sick we take care of it or we should. We protect it from the sun and rain. In short, we dote on it.

Then there is the soul part of us, our minds, our wills, our personalities, our intellects. We take our minds to college and breathe deep to keep it clear. We hope everyone likes it and wants to be our friend. We try to rein it in and not let it get warped, or at least I have to try and rein mine in. We try to make it holy and obedient. Some even work on those around them, trying to make their minds, holy and obedient. It is funny and sad to me, that at the times, when I felt I was being my most holy and obedient self, I was indeed my most retched. So my tendency is to view supreme holy people with a bit of skepticism and a chuckle or two.  Myself, better leave me alone with it, you can't change it anyway. And I don't know....but I think I'm OK. Live and let live for goodness sake. I am not, contrary to some belief systems, anyone's responsibility. And I  thank God that, save for two sons, that no one else is my responsibility!

I guide my two sons with everything that I know and I love them fiercely, no matter how they perform. My love is not contingent on their performance. Just as God's love is not contingent on my performance or anyone else's. He loves us because He loves us, because He loves us. He loves us because He is good, not because we are. And I am finding it more and more difficult to gather with the mad mob of "holy ones" that insist that His love is conditional and that He has some kind of split personality that requires a certain performance or we are all going straight to hell. What's with that? I believe we all have our own brand of hell but it's not love that puts us there. We mostly do  it to ourselves.

So what is the plan in the works? I don't know but the one thing that I do know is that when I've got it all figured out, it's probably going to change. It's an unraveling mystery, full of masterpieces, that I did not create. And in case that I would happen to look and say, "I must have done that", I can flip this painting sideways and look at the horses and the angels that I could not have done even if I had stood on my head. The thing I have learned is that there is so much more than meets the eye. If you think you are done, it's over and you're all washed up, look again. You might have missed something. 

To me the works in this painting, the hidden parts, they are of God. I have a first hand account of that. It is comparable to musicians that play and sing their songs. When they play it back, they hear ten more voices and ten more instruments. I could compare it to a gardener who goes out one morning and plants some seeds. The next morning the garden is grown and the flowers are all different and more magnificent than what the gardener planted. Someone touched it.

So I suppose that is what I can say about Star Crossed. Someone touched it.



5 Responses to Someone touched it.....

I can see that it was touched and you have touched us with your wise words as well. Very moving and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this illuminated piece.

Thank you so much Brenda...Your words mean a lot to me as well.

Pam, intriguing painting, fun discoveries in it, insightful musings and truth from it. Thank you! Oh the intrigue of mystery and to keep our eyes open to it - discovery is surely part of His plan. And to think that includes His longing for us to discover, grasp, and receive more of His unconditional love. You've eloquently expressed the freedom in it! By the way I see a dove's eye and the likeness of a lion's face in your clouds. Love it!

I'm happy to know such human in this life.


Thank you Nancy and Gamal!
Your kind words are an encouragement to me.
I have been neglecting this part and thus I just saw you post Nancy.
Gamal I thank you for taking time to read! Good to know you too!

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